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Graffiti cleaners

NanoEnzo offers a comprehensive range of graffiti removers, each carefully designed to effectively clean specific surfaces. Our five different products enable effortless removal of all types of graffiti, tags and other contaminants, leaving your surfaces clean and pristine.

Nanoflex GraffitiClean for indoor and outdoor areas (Elite007)
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas, it is specially designed for easy and effective removal of graffiti from non-porous surfaces such as painted surfaces, metals, glass, rubber, PVC, cladding and plexiglass. With a consumption of less than 100 ml/m², it is an efficient choice. The product is terpene-free and biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly option. To use, simply apply it to a microfiber cloth and clean the contaminated surface. For acrylic glass and anti-scratch film it is important not to rinse and only use after drying.

Nanoflex GraffitiClean Non-porous (Graffiti-killer liquid)
For more powerful cleaning of stubborn graffiti on non-porous surfaces, there is an excellent solution. This product, suitable for the same surfaces as the Easy variant, has a consumption of less than 150 ml/m² and is also terpene-free and biodegradable. Excellent for graffiti on trains, trams and other public transport, but also public spaces.

Nanoflex GraffitiClean After Care Non-porous (Transolv fits)
Is a very effective alkaline cleaner for removing stubborn dirt such as insects, grease, brake dust, rust and atmospheric dirt without the use of water. The product contains no acid, sodium hydroxide, phosphates or ammonia and will not rust on metals, including aluminum. This environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-flammable product is ideal for use where water is limited. Apply undiluted with a micro cloth and rub the surface until it is clean; rinsing with water is not necessary.

Nanoflex GraffitiClean Porous (Abrasiv)
This product has been specially developed for removing graffiti on porous surfaces such as brick, concrete, sand-lime brick and natural stone. With a consumption of less than 150 ml/m² and at least 90% biodegradable, it is both effective and environmentally friendly. Apply it liberally and let it absorb depending on the surface and weather conditions (at least 1½ to 24 hours). Then wash it with hot water under high pressure (minimum 60-100 bar, 90°C). For stubborn graffiti, you can use a nylon brush, manually or with a machine, and remove shadows with Nanoflex GraffitiClean Pro Porous After Care.

Nanoflex GraffitiClean Porous After Care (Shadow remover)
Designed to leave traceless shadows on concrete, natural stone and sandstone. This product is acid-based, so protective clothing is required during use. Apply it vertically from bottom to top in widths from 30 cm to 60 cm, let it soak in (10 – 30 seconds) and wash off with a high-pressure cleaner with hot water. Always use the water first and then the acid, working at 5-10 cm intervals towards the surface.

Nanoflex Cleaning Wipes
Specially developed for sensitive surfaces such as plastics, PVC, plexiglass and glass. These wipes effectively remove graffiti, tags, waterproof pens (such as Edding), adhesive residue and chewing gum from fabric seats. They are available in handy containers of 150 wipes and are ready to use immediately. Ideal for interior maintenance, public spaces, public transport, and offices, both indoors and outdoors. Suitable for treated and painted surfaces and materials such as fabric, plastic, GRP, wood, laminate, metals and non-ferrous metal alloys.

With these 6 options, NanoEnzo offers the perfect solution for all your graffiti removal needs. Whether indoor or outdoor spaces, non-porous or porous surfaces, our products guarantee efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning, leaving your surfaces always looking clean and pristine.

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