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NanoEnzo, located in bustling Leusden, is the partner for preventive and sustainable protection of your valuable (construction) projects and valuable assets. With a focus on innovation and environmentally friendly solutions, we strive to protect materials against the test of time and harmful external influences.

We believe in the importance of sustainability and strive to have a positive impact on both your project and the environment. That's why we work closely with leading industry partners and use exclusive nano coatings, impregnations and cleaning products that are innovative and sustainable. In many cases, our coatings are water-based, making them not only effective, but also friendly to the environment.

Our experienced team is ready to protect your project, whether it concerns public spaces, historical heritage, industrial machines, solar panel parks, or even wind farms. We tailor our solutions to your specific needs and always strive for the highest quality and satisfaction.

At NanoEnzo we go further than just supplying coatings. We strive for cooperation and partnership. That is why we work on a project basis, in close collaboration with selected facility companies from the region. This way we are flexible and can scale up quickly when necessary, while at the same time continuing to guarantee quality and put less strain on the environment by driving fewer kilometers.

Choose NanoEnzo and experience the power of innovation, sustainability and collaboration to protect your valuable projects.

CO2 footprint
CO2 footprint
Nanocoating contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions by protecting materials and surfaces, reducing energy consumption and reducing the use of cleaning products.
Nano coatings make surfaces dirt-repellent, resulting in less cleaning and maintenance and therefore less use of cleaning products and water, extended lifespan of surfaces and reduction of waste and CO2 emissions.
Nano coatings can contribute to sustainability because they protect and preserve surfaces in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. By reducing the use of harmful chemicals, saving energy, extending the life of surfaces and reducing the use of cleaning products
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