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Product name: Nano Coating NanoEnzo Textile -

Nano Coating NanoEnzo Textile provides a protective layer that is applied to textiles to protect them against various external influences, such as water, dirt, UV radiation and wear. Our  coating can be applied to a variety of textiles, including clothing, furniture, tents and outdoor equipment.

NanoEnzo textile coatings are applied using various techniques, including spraying, rolling and dipping. The textile is first thoroughly cleaned and dried before the coating is applied.

Our textile coatings offer several benefits, such as extending the lifespan of textiles, improving water repellency and dirt resistance, and improving the aesthetics of the textile. They are widely used in outdoor and sportswear, furniture and other textile products that are exposed to different weather conditions and wear.

Also offers an excellent water, oil and alcohol repellent coating
all kinds of fabrics and non-woven fabrics. NCN.TE has been specially developed to achieve good water and oil repellent effects without the need for added heat.

Technical information:
Colour: Light yellow-transparent
Odour: Characteristic
Density: approx. 0.95 g/l
Consumption: Depending on the surface and application
Drying/curing: Normal drying. No added heat required.
Stable after drying
Ignition temperature:24°C/75°F
Freezing point: -18°C/0°F
Boiling point: 126°C/259°F

•    Very good surface protection
•    Water, oil, alcohol and dirt repellent
•    Easy to clean: coffee, red wine, etc. are simply rinsed with water
•    Normal drying is sufficient
•    Non-flammable
•    Contains no APEOs (alkyl phenol ethylene oxides)
•    Textiles continue to breathe and retain softness
•    Odorless after drying

Substrate pre-treatment
Before applying Nano Coating NanoEnzo Textile, the surface must be clean of oil, grease and silicone. The textile must be completely clean and dry before the coating can be applied. Processing Nano Coating NanoEnzo Textile is ready to use. It can be applied by dabbing, foaming and spraying. On cellulose-rich fabrics such as cotton and viscose and their mix with synthetic fabrics, Nano Coating NanoEnzo Textile can also be applied by dipping.
Do not use in direct sunlight, rain or strong wind.

Specification code NCN.TE

Nano Coating NanoEnzo Textile

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