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Product name: Nano Coating NanoEnzo Glass -

Glass coating is a transparent coating applied to glass surfaces to protect them from scuffs, scratches, chemical attacks and other damage. Our coatings can be applied to a variety of glass types, including architectural glass, automotive windows, windshields, mirrors and more.

NanoEnzo Glass Coating is made of various materials, including silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide and nanoparticles. These materials offer several advantages, such as improved hardness, water and dirt repellency, anti-condensation effect and protection against UV radiation. Additionally, some glass coatings can also help improve the energy efficiency of windows by reducing heat transfer.

Our glass coatings can be applied by spraying, rolling or rubbing, depending on the type of glass surface. The coating must be applied to a clean and dry surface to ensure good adhesion.

Glass coatings offer several benefits, including reducing maintenance costs, extending the life of glass surfaces and improving aesthetics. They can be used in a variety of applications including buildings, vehicles, marine and more.

Technical information
Colour: Transparent
Density: 0.79 g/cm3
Odour: Alcohol
Consumption: Depending on application, normally 30-50ml/m2 is sufficient
Drying/curing: Stable after 2 hours at an ambient temperature of 20°C. Curing on a dry surface for approx. 12 hours. At other ambient temperatures, a different curing time is possible. Complete curing 1 to 5 days, depending on weather conditions

Processing temperature: Preferably 15°C to 25°C; do not process below 10°C
Minimum surface temperature10°C

• Long-term and optimal protection of the (glass) surface
• Water, dirt and oil repellent
• Better visibility in rain
• Good protection against wear
• Easy to clean
• UV resistant
• Frost resistant, poor ice adhesion
• Insects caught by the car are easier to remove
• Economical in use

Packaging: 1 liter, 5 liter, 10 liter (Larger volumes on request.)

Specification code NCN.GL

Nano Coating NanoEnzo Glass

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