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Wood coating

Product name: Nano Coating NanoEnzo Wood

Wood coating is a type of coating specifically designed to protect and beautify wooden surfaces. Our coatings can be supplied in different types, for porous and non-porous wood types and can be applied using different application methods, such as brushes, rollers or spray guns.

Wood coatings offer several benefits, including protection against moisture, UV radiation, wear, discoloration, insects and mold. They can also extend the life of the wood and improve the appearance of the wood by glossing, matting or adding color.

Wood coatings can be used on various wooden surfaces, such as doors, window frames, cladding, garden furniture, floors and stairs. It is important to prepare the wood surface before applying the coating, by sanding and cleaning it to ensure good adhesion.

The use of wood coatings can help maintain and enhance the beauty and durability of wooden surfaces.

• Excellent water, oil and dirt repellent properties
• Durable
• 100% water based
• Below LOD for PFOA (PFOA free*)
• Economical in use
• Virtually odorless
• Virtually invisible (matte)
* Where the term “PFOA free” is used in this information sheet, it means that the content of PFOA is less than detection limit (20 ppb).

Product description
Nano Coating NanoEnzo Wood is free of toxic substances.

Specification code NCN.HT

Nano Coating NanoEnzo Wood

Product description

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