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Concrete coating

Our Stone & Concrete Coating - is a water-based (meth)acrylic fluorine-containing polymer based on only C6 fluorinated chains that provide a durable and transparent surface treatment to concrete the coating does not alter the original appearance of the stone. SBC offers excellent water and oil repellent properties,


Protects surfaces for a long time against water and polluting influences from outside
Coating visually not or barely visible after application

Precast concrete
Concrete tiles (paving stones/pavements)
Natural stone

Surface preparation:
The surface of the material to be coated must be cleaned and dry.
All traces of contamination that prevent adhesion to or penetration into the material to be treated must be removed. Consider dirt, grease, formwork oil, paint, varnishes, dust, algae, or other coatings and contaminants.

All loose or damaged concrete parts must be removed.
The removed concrete parts can be repaired with a concrete repair system before coating.

Surface cleaning options
The surface can be cleaned by using our (bio) detergents, or by means of: grit blasting, high-pressure water jetting or, for example, dry ice cleaning (which no longer requires detergents).

Concrete coating is applied directly to the surface of the reinforced concrete structures and buildings using HVLP (spray paint), roller or brush.

Specification code: NCN.BT
(Nano Coating NanoEnzo Beton)

Product description

Product description

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