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Anti-Slip coating

NanoEnzo Anti-Slip is available in various degrees of roughness and offers excellent anti-slip (high COF) properties on many surfaces/materials.
Anti-Slip is a water-based coating with a light satin, flexible, break-free finish.

• Excellent anti-slip properties
• Dries without cracking and remains flexible
• Easy to clean
• Relatively economical to use
• Transparent (unless RAL colors added)
• Available in many RAL colours

Substrate pre-treatment:

The surface of the material to be coated must be cleaned and dry.
All traces of contamination that prevent adhesion to or penetration into the material to be treated must be removed. Consider dirt, grease, formwork oil, paint, varnishes, dust, algae, or other coatings and contaminants.


The Anti-Slip coating must be stirred well before use. It can be applied using: HVLP (paint sprayer), roller or brush.

We recommend applying a test piece to determine the correct dosage.

Storage and shelf life

Shelf life is 6 months in original unopened container (when stored out of direct sunlight and between 5˚C and 30˚C). The dispersion contains some initial preservatives to prevent microorganisms.

To remove lumps (which may form during extended storage of the dispersion due to the film-forming nature), a filtration or sieving process is recommended for further processing.

Safety regulations

Ensure good ventilation during application. Harmful and irritating by inhalation.
Do not inhale spray mist. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Do not drink, eat or smoke during use. Store in a dark and dry place, out of the reach of children.

Advice: Take good precautions during the application, such as wearing a face mask,
gloves and safety glasses, as described in the safety data sheet.


All data corresponds to the current level of technology.
Given the multitude of surfaces and object conditions, the buyer/user remains obliged to professionally test our raw materials on their own responsibility for their suitability for the intended purpose under the relevant object conditions. For the rest, our general terms and conditions of sale apply.

Technical information

Color: Transparent (unless provided with RAL color)
Processing temperature: minimum +5 °C and preferably +10 to 25 °C
pH: between 7-9

Specification code: NCN.AS

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