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NanoEnzo high-quality plastic coatings. We offer a wide range of solutions to protect, improve and beautify your surfaces. Our plastic coatings are designed with sustainability in mind, and they are commonly used in a variety of sectors, including building and construction, automotive, marine and general industry.

Our Unique Features:

Durable Protection: NanoEnzo plastic coatings are known for their impressive abrasion resistance and high chemical resistance. Whether it concerns plexiglass, automotive parts or industrial surfaces, our coatings provide long-lasting protection.

Application options: Our coatings are versatile and suitable for various applications. Whether spraying, dipping or rolling, we apply advanced techniques to achieve the best results.


Long Lasting Protection: Significantly extend the life of your plastic products.

Reduction of Stone Chip Damage: Protect your surfaces against damage caused by stone chips.

Water and oil repellent: Our coatings provide strong water and oil repellency.

Environmentally friendly: No additional energy or UV light is required for curing, making our coatings economical to use.

UV Resistant: Our coatings resist the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Frost-resistant: Worry-free protection, even in extreme weather conditions.

Easy to Clean: Our coatings make maintenance easy, including effortless graffiti removal.

Reduction of Scratch Damage and Dullness: Prevent scratches and maintain the clarity of your plastic surfaces.

At NanoEnzo we strive for perfection in plastic coatings. Choose our coatings and enjoy maximum protection and an extended lifespan for your valuable plastic products. Discover the world of sustainable and high-quality solutions at NanoEnzo.

Discover the Perfect Protection for Plastic Solar Panels:

NanoEnzo plastic coatings go beyond just surface protection; they are also ideal for the specific needs of plastic solar panels. These advanced coatings provide an effective barrier against various elements that can damage solar panels, such as bird droppings, algae, salts in marine climates, and even sand and pollen.

Specific Benefits for Plastic Solar Panels:

Bird Poop Protection: Our coatings prevent corrosion and damage caused by bird droppings, maintaining the efficiency of your solar panels.

Algae and Salt Resistant: For marine solar panels, our coatings provide an extra layer of protection against the harmful effects of algae and salts, optimizing the performance of the panels.

Sand and Pollen Repellent: Keep your solar panels free of sand and pollen, which can lead to reduced energy generation and reduced efficiency.

At NanoEnzo we understand that solar panels are subject to various environmental influences. That's why we've designed our plastic coatings with properties that specifically address the challenges solar panels face. Choose NanoEnzo plastic coatings and enjoy long-lasting, effective protection that optimizes the lifespan and performance of your plastic solar panels. Discover today the innovative solutions we offer for sustainability and efficiency.

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Product description

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