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Solar coating

Photovoltaic energy plays a crucial role in CO2-free energy generation, both now and in the future. Solar panels are essential for generating this clean energy, and efforts are continuously being made to improve their efficiency. However, dirt on solar panels can negate these improvements! Nanoflex Solar Panel Coating helps prevent pollution and ensures that efficiency is maintained.

In addition to environmental protection, solar panels are mainly about efficiency! To achieve and maintain optimal results, sunlight must reach the cells in the panels. Therefore, the panels must be clean and remain clean for as long as possible.

Contamination of solar panels can lead to a performance reduction of up to 40%!

Rain alone is not enough to keep the solar panels clean. Cleaning a large number of panels in a solar park is labor intensive and expensive. Pollen, dirt, (Saharan) sand, bird droppings, soot and particulate matter are some of the causes of pollution, which can greatly reduce yields. Depending on the location and environment, the frequency of cleaning can be up to twice a year, which entails significant costs and negatively affects returns.

Our NanoFlex Solar Panel Coating prevents contact between the surface and dirt! This greatly reduces the adhesion of dirt and allows rain to wash away much of the dirt. In addition, the coating prevents light reflection, which increases light absorption and therefore efficiency.

NanoFlex Solar Panel Coating is a water-based coating that is barely visible after application. The composition of the coating consists of safe ingredients, which has led to certifications such as TÜV, SGS, PSM and CBA.

With NanoFlex Solar Panel Coating, the return can increase by up to 10% under ideal conditions, which can contribute substantially to turnover and Return On Investment at current energy prices.

In addition to water as the main component, the coating contains amorphous silicon dioxide, which ensures an active self-cleaning effect. Amorphous silicon dioxide is not dangerous and is often used in building materials and care products for skin and teeth.


Consumption: Up to 200 m² per liter

The surface to be treated must be dry, clean and free of grease. The coating can be applied by rubbing, rolling or atomizing/spraying. Consult the specifications for the correct consumption per m². Apply the coating under dry conditions at a temperature between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius (out of the sun). After application, the coating must harden for at least 24 hours (optimal hardness after 48 hours). Industrial processing can be accelerated by forced curing at temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius.

If efficiency is important to you, coating solar panels is a logical choice. How does this work in practice?

There are two options:

NanoEnzo takes care of everything, takes care of the cleaning and coating of your solar panel park and periodically checks their operation. Please contact NanoEnzo B.V.
You can order the NanoFlex Solar Panel Coating and have it applied by the company that maintains your solar panel park. Visit https://wholesale-nanocoatings.co.uk/ for this

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