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Anti-graffiti coating

NanoEnzo Anti-Graffiti Coating is a specially formulated water-based coating that prevents graffiti
and does not allow spray paint or felt-tip pen to penetrate or damage the surface. It's the ideal
protection for masonry and concrete, brick, limestone and sandstone and protects their
natural look.

Technical information
• Very good protection of the surface against penetration of graffiti paint and felt-tip pen.
• Water based.
• UV stable.
• Easy to clean.
• Water based.
• Below LOD for PFOA (PFOA free*)
• Economical in use
*Where the term “PFOA free” means that the
content of PFOA less than detection limit

NanoEnzo Anti – Graffiti Coating  strong UV and weather resistance prevents yellowing and cracking or peeling.
Graffiti can be easily removed using general cleaning equipment or steam.
Adequately formulated it can also provide protection to painted surfaces.
Graffiti is removable at least 8 times per coating

NCN.AG = Nano Coating NanoEnzo Anti-Graffiti

Product description

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