Cleaning is a 'must' for the preservation of your project, public areas or industrial food processors, hoppers and pipelines. But it is also a significant cost item.

From experience (and research reports), we know how to significantly reduce the frequency of required cleaning with our nano coatings. The result is easy to guess, but we would like to summarize: fewer cleanings, fewer cleaning products, less deposits, more resistant to corrosion, less or no deposits of algae and fungi and anti-bacterial. All in all, lower costs, less burden on the environment and sustainability of the materials used.

Cleaning is also necessary before applying nanocoating to prevent the nanocoating from adhering to the dirt instead of to the material to be protected. NanoEnzo B.V. is also happy to take this off your hands.

When cleaning your project, we use our customized Bio-Cleaners that are gentle on the environment but tough on dirt. During cleaning, we collect as much dirt as possible to go that one step further, for you and the environment.

Softwash is an innovative cleaning technique with low pressure and biodegradable chemicals. NanoEnzo offers this sustainable and effective service for in-depth cleaning of various surfaces such as roofs, facades and paving. Save water, increase the value of your property and reduce maintenance costs. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and free on-site demonstration.

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