Sustainable sustainability

All our nano coatings are REACH compliant and TÜV certified, among other things! So safe and perfectly applicable within the framework of sustainability and CO2 reduction.
Here are a few reasons why:

Our coatings extend the lifespan of the materials you use, resulting in less use of new raw materials (which fits within the Circular Economy).

Dirt, water, oils and algae, for example, cannot or hardly adhere to surfaces, meaning they remain aesthetically pleasing for longer and cleaning and maintenance are required less frequently (up to 60% savings on labor and cleaning products).

Our nano coatings are safe! All our coatings are rigorously tested and certified, including REACH compliant, TÜV, Intertek, SGS, EUROLAB, Saniter and AzoLab.
NanoEnzo's nanocoatings are also increasingly available on a water basis.

Specialist nano coatings such as Antibacterial and -viral coatings also make everything you touch safer. Healthcare institutions, hospitals, schools and public transport benefit greatly from this coating that kills no less than 99.9% of bacteria!

Some nano coatings can be used to insulate surfaces, which can reduce energy consumption, single-stone walls can be treated (invisibly) so that moisture no longer penetrates the stones, or old paving tiles can be cleaned and provided with a nano coating, making them last many years longer. Just a few examples that lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions and a more sustainable use of energy.

The nano-coating treatment makes the surface more scratch-resistant (up to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, or harder than glass), but also resistant to water and wind erosion.

All in all, nanocoating can be a sustainable option to protect surfaces

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