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Interclean 2024

Interclean 2024

NanoEnzo Introduces Revolutionary Nanocoatings at Interclean Amsterdam 2024

We proudly participated as an exhibitor at the prestigious Interclean RAI Amsterdam 2024, the world's largest and internationally oriented trade fair for the cleaning, facility, and hygiene industry.

Many visitors from around the world were introduced to our nanoproducts. Together with FacilityApps.com, we demonstrated the latest innovations in advanced software and nanotechnology for the facility and hygiene industry.

The New NanoFlex Line: High-Quality Nano Coatings

At Interclean Amsterdam 2024, we proudly presented our new NanoFlex line, which includes the following revolutionary nanocoatings:

Anti-Graffiti Cleaner and Protectors: These special bio-based coatings make surfaces resistant to graffiti, significantly reducing cleaning efforts and keeping surfaces clean and protected for longer. They protect materials from train cars to concrete walls, making graffiti removal easier.

Anti-Bacterial Coating: Our advanced anti-bacterial coating helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and creates a cleaner and more hygienic environment. This coating destroys the outer layer of bacteria and viruses, causing them to die, without using toxic substances. The ethanol-based coating kills viruses and bacteria on contact, provides protection for up to a year, and prevents the formation of superbugs.

Solar Panel Coating: This innovative coating optimizes the efficiency of solar panels by keeping them free from dirt and dust, resulting in improved energy yield. The self-cleaning nanocoatings with hydrophobic properties repel water and particles, keeping the panels clean and maintaining their maximum efficiency.

Additionally, the NanoFlex line includes coatings for concrete and stone, textiles, wood, impregnating agents, and paper. All these coatings are water-based and REACH-compliant.

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