Stone & Concrete

Welcome to NanoEnzo's NanoFlex Concrete & Stone Base Coating, an innovative solution for protecting a wide range of materials, including concrete, brick, natural stone, marlstone and terracotta. Our coating provides invisible nano protection that provides surfaces with self-cleaning, hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. This means that water, grease, dirt, moss, lichens and fungi cannot or hardly adhere, while the surface is more resistant to freeze and thaw.

Our NanoFlex coating is available in different quality classes, ranging from Basic to Standard and Premium. Each class is designed with a specific ratio of active ingredients in the formulation, making them suitable for different surfaces and applications. Whether less stressed vertical surfaces or heavily loaded and polluting environments, we have the right solution for your needs.

What really sets this coating apart is the long-lasting protection it provides, up to 10 years under normal conditions. In addition, our coating is durable against weather influences, chemical influences and wear and tear through use, making it suitable for both new and existing buildings, monuments, statues, stairs, paving stones and paving.

Importantly, our coating is water-based and free of VOC and PFAS, making it safe and environmentally friendly to use. Applying the coating is simple and does not require complicated procedures. Just follow our instructions for optimal results.

Choose NanoEnzo's NanoFlex Concrete & Stone Base Coating and enjoy long-lasting protection, easy maintenance and retention of aesthetics for your building materials. With our nanotechnology-based solution you are assured of quality and performance that will stand the test of time. Please note: Make sure you adhere to the instructions for optimal results. Wholesale nanocoatings (order site of NanoEnzo b.v.) cannot be held responsible for incorrect application of the coating.



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