Marble and natural stone

In the world of stone and tile protection, NanoEnzo shines like a hidden gem, our focus is on providing superior, durable solutions that ensure easy maintenance to natural stone and tile manufacturers and cleaning services. Their technology is the basis of surfaces that are stain and fingerprint resistant for life.

Within the world of protective coatings, NanoEnzo is a true pioneer, setting a new standard by offering unparalleled performance. They have made the impossible possible by providing levels of stain resistance on surfaces such as marble, previously thought to be unattainable.

One of NanoEnzo's flagship products is the Nanoflex Dura series, which has been specifically developed for non-absorbent surfaces, especially marble and natural stone. This series offers permanently bonded protection against both water and oil-based stains. With a resistance between 1-13Ph, the treated surfaces provide excellent protection against acid and alkali stains, even on polished or honed surfaces. The unique anti-fingerprint performance allows long-term use of honed granite and quartz, even in places where grease is common - all with lasting performance. Dura also offers the added benefit of '9H hardness', meaning it is resistant to scratches caused by mechanical abrasion.

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