NanoEnzo impregnation agents contribute enormously to the development of intelligent textiles with built-in high-tech functions.

Water repellent
Protection against wear
Unchanged breathability
No tangible or visible change
Antimicrobial protection
Improved color fastness
Textile coating

About Textiles
The production of textiles and garments is probably one of the oldest techniques used by the
humanity is used. In the past, textiles were mainly used for protection against weather conditions, but nowadays textiles are also used in various fields such as textile architecture and construction engineering, as filters for air and water purification, for car interiors, as sun and UV protection and for many other applications .

Technical Textiles
Textiles that are not used as clothing may consist of different materials or mixtures of materials. In general we distinguish fabrics, felt and non-woven textiles.

In addition to the above properties, these technical textile products can be improved with properties such as:
protection against hydrolysis
acid and base resistant
protection against sparks
protection against wear
protection against oxidation
easier to clean
In collaboration with our customers, we define and produce superior applications.
All our finishing systems are liquid-based and can be applied to typical,
well-known processes in the textile industry. Together we optimize these processes
to get the best performance and competitiveness. At the same time we take into account
ecological and environmental aspects in all products

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