Wood coating

Applying the nano coating to wood works very well and provides excellent protection for the wood. Especially if the wood is used outside for fences, wooden garden furniture or terraces.
It is more than a coating, because the various nano coatings for wood have the property that the wood is also impregnated and this gives it a longer lifespan.
apply a separate impregnating agent.

The coating can be applied to almost all types of wood. However, it will be a bit more difficult due to the hardness of hardwood. For softer wood types, a nano coating for wood is the ideal solution for both impregnation, What is impregnation? Impregnating is treating a surface with a protective layer. In the context of impregnation, one specifically means a porous material into which the impregnating agent is absorbed. It's... like coating the wood.

Please note that nano coating for wood is water-repellent.
It is then not possible to paint the wood or treat it with another liquid agent afterwards. The coating is therefore only suitable if you want to keep the wood in its natural color or
if the wood has already been painted.

Nano coating for scaffolding wood
Scaffolding wood is currently a very popular type of wood for outdoor applications.
Because scaffolding wood has already been used, it has an authentic and lived-in appearance.
Scaffolding wood is ideal for making various garden furniture.

It cannot hurt to apply a nano coating for scaffolding wood.
Nano coating on scaffolding wood will make the wood even more durable and protect it against fungi and algae. Because no matter how weathered scaffolding wood looks, fungi and algae will disfigure the wood.
Nano coating on scaffolding wood will keep your wood beautiful for a long time and the scaffolding wood nano coating ensures that scaffolding wood furniture is very easy to clean.

Nano coating for teak Teak wood is also suitable for treating with a nano coating. Make sure that you buy a special coating for teak or a coating for harder types of wood. Teak is a hardwood that also naturally contains oil.

Partly due to the hardness and the oil, the coating is more difficult to penetrate into the wood. Please note that the nano coating for teak and for other types of wood, is only intended to protect the wood against moisture, fungi and algae.
This coating is not suitable for scratches and damage and you will have to apply another coating that does have these properties.

Made on a water basis, so ready for immediate use!
Repels water, oil and dirt for five to ten years. Do the drops of water no longer remain? Then it is time for a new layer of coating.
Less maintenance of the furniture thanks to nano coating.
Prevents the growth of mold and algae.
An affordable means to protect your furniture.
The original color of the wood remains visible.
The drying time is short.


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