Biotechnology deals with the techniques of using biology (organisms) for practical purposes. It is a very broad field that extends from cheese making to high-tech laboratory work for the development of new substances, food and medicines. Organisms such as plants, animals, fungi and bacteria are used for this purpose.

NanoEnzo supplies a number of unique cleaning products based on enzymes in the Benelux. All products are 100% biodegradable.

Enzymes are proteins that catalyze, i.e. enable or accelerate, a certain reaction in or outside a cell, without being consumed or changing in composition.

Enzymes are located in your body and are produced in cells of organisms (animals, plants, insects, fungi). Enzymes can also be used in cleaning, especially against organic dirt. Enzymes are used in detergents. 1% of a detergent consists of enzymes. they are used to dissolve stains, the laundry is clean in a shorter washing time, because enzymes work very quickly. One enzyme can ensure 1 to 10,000 conversions per second, the washing water must be less warm, which means less energy is required and less soap and water is also required.


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