Our non-slip coating is a soft-to-the-touch and excellent non-slip, water-based coating with a light satin, flexible, break-free finish. It provides excellent anti-slip (high COF) properties on concrete and other surfaces.

“Overly smooth finishes pose an increased risk of slipping, with possible serious injuries,
but (too) rough surfaces give rise to a different type of injury in the event of falls,
like abrasions.”

Roughness of the floor surface The roughness of the floor surface is very important for slip resistance. The rougher the surface, the greater the slip resistance.
Our anti-slip coating will greatly improve the slip properties of a floor by increasing its roughness.

Surface treatments and slip resistance Some floors need to be treated to make them water-repellent, for example. our anti-slip coating has both properties,
This treatment has a water-repellent effect and increases slip resistance.
Reports from the municipality of Amsterdam show that our anti-slip coating reduces resistance, in principle completely penetrates the pores and leaves hardly any material on the tile. The water can drain more easily, making the floor more slip-resistant in wet conditions.

Floors treated with a crystallization liquid (marble and limestone) usually also become smoother. However, because crystallization usually occurs on a polished surface, which is already slippery in wet conditions, the deterioration of slip resistance is no longer decisive. The application of our anti-slip coating on these floors has major positive consequences:
the relatively large roughness that occurs after treatment is enormous

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