Fire resistance

NanoEnzo has succeeded in developing a completely new product "Fireprotect". It is an important new weapon in the fight against fire hazards.
The special coating ensures fire retardancy of wood, textiles, paper and cardboard.
For example, in a house, wooden stairs become more fire-retardant, and in the event of a fire, significant delay to the attic can be achieved. The roof beams can delay fire,
so that no hole is created in the roof through which oxygen can enter.
The fire then suffocates due to insufficient oxygen. Treated wooden doors ensure that...
a natural fire retardancy occurs. The flames cannot work their way through a building or home that quickly.

In the event of a fire, it is important that the seat of the fire cannot spread or can only spread slowly.
Every minute is important to provide people with escape options and to give the fire brigade time to extinguish the fire. The fire-retardant coating provides an important delay. This can save a lot of costs and even save human lives.

It can be used in new and existing buildings or homes. The condition is that it is applied to unprotected wood and allowed to dry. After drying for 24 hours, it can be given any desired color.

Untreated wood continues to burn

Treated wood scorches but does not burn!


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