Innovative Solutions for Anti-Graffiti
NanoEnzo has products that are excellently applicable when it comes to treating
surfaces against graffiti. Our products are suitable for all types of surfaces such as
concrete, masonry, stone, marble, glass, steel and plastic.
Protecting a surface with an effective anti-graffiti system is always cost-saving in the long term.
Our anti-graffiti products not only provide protection against graffiti but also against...
fats, oils, de-icing salts and atmospheric contaminants.

Our anti-graffiti coatings provide effective protection against graffiti during many cleaning sessions. They are environmentally safe and the graffiti can easily be removed with a high-pressure sprayer or
can even be removed with a brush and warm soapy water.

• Protects against penetration of graffiti, solvents, grease and chemicals.
• Very high efficiency.
• Very good oil and water repellent properties
• Erosion and corrosion resistant
• Strong color restoring ability
• Even matte appearance

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There is a great need to protect certain surfaces with a more permanent system than potato starch. NanoEnzo has developed a completely transparent and particularly resistant impregnation system against graffiti.
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