Protection against Unpasteurine with Anti-Urine Coatings: The Shield for Your Surface

In urban environments, public spaces often face challenges such as urination, which is not only unpleasant but can also be harmful to various surfaces. To address these issues, the innovative solution of Anti-Urine coatings comes to the fore. This solvent-free emulsion offers durable protection for mineral, open and porous surfaces such as brick, natural stone, (fiber) cement, new and old concrete, and clinkers.

Resistant to Inorganic Salts, Acids and More
Anti-Urine is specifically designed to protect the treated surface against various elements. Inorganic salts and acids, caused by urine, can corrode surfaces and cause irreversible damage. The coating acts as a barrier and makes the surface resistant to these harmful substances, extending the life of the surface.

Resists Water, Moisture and Atmospheric Pollution
Public spaces are often exposed to various weather conditions. Anti-Urine provides effective protection against water and moisture, preventing the penetration of liquids into the surface. In addition, the coating resists atmospheric pollution, preserving the original appearance of the surface.

Protect Your Project against Wild Urination
Although public urination may not be completely prevented, you can proactively protect your project with Anti-Urine coatings. The emulsion forms a protective layer that minimizes the impact of urine and prevents damage to the surface. This is especially relevant for public spaces, parks, streets and other areas where urination is a common problem.

Sustainable Solution for Urban Environments
Anti-Urine coatings not only provide protection against specific types of damage, but also contribute to the sustainability of urban environments. By extending the life of surfaces, the need for frequent repairs is reduced, resulting in lower maintenance costs and a reduced environmental impact.

In conclusion, Anti-Urine coatings represent an innovative and effective approach to protecting urban environments from the harmful effects of urination. With a focus on durability and protection, this solvent-free emulsion makes a valuable contribution to maintaining the aesthetics and integrity of various surfaces in public spaces.

nti-Urine is a solvent-free emulsion suitable for impregnating mineral and relatively open and porous surfaces such as brick, natural stone, (fiber) cement, new and old concrete or clinkers.

This special makes the treated surface resistant to inorganic salts and acids, water, moisture and atmospheric pollution.

We cannot prevent public urination, but we can protect your project against it.

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