Cleaners and nanocoating go hand in hand, especially in surface maintenance.

It's true, nano-coating on surfaces can save time for cleaners. It creates a smooth and protective surface that dirt, stains and other contaminants adhere less to. This makes removing dirt during cleaning easier and faster.

With nano-coating on surfaces such as glass, metal or plastic, dirt and stains can often be easily wiped away with a cloth or mild detergent, without harsh methods or abrasive materials. This saves time and effort for cleaners when removing stubborn dirt.

In addition, self-cleaning nanocoatings help keep surfaces clean for longer. These coatings are water and dirt repellent, so dirt adheres less quickly and is easily washed away during rain or light cleaning. Cleaning less often means more time savings for cleaners.

Nano coatings, often applied to various surfaces such as glass, metal, ceramics and plastics, are used in various sectors, such as construction, the automotive industry, electronics and healthcare.

With antibacterial nanocoatings, cleaners can reduce the spread of bacteria. These coatings form a protective barrier that inhibits bacteria and helps maintain hygiene on surfaces, especially relevant in hospitals, laboratories, food preparation areas and public areas.

All in all, while cleaners focus on cleaning surfaces, nano coatings can ease the process and improve the durability of the surfaces.

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