There is a lot going on in the world of infrastructure. The entire sector must move towards sustainable climate adaptation. But the same also applies to the clients of the infrastructure!

Here the client expects you to come up with innovative solutions. Solutions for the realization of the circular economy to the emission-free construction of paving or asphalt. The CO2 reduction through hydrogen-powered tools or electrified equipment, to name a few.

The reliance on new raw materials is also undergoing a major change. We increasingly have to ask ourselves whether we should use new or used materials or raw materials!

The scarcity of various raw materials is increasing and the depletion of the earth is increasing, so measures must be taken. Now the Circular Economy strives to realize a closed cycle of raw materials and products, and clients will soon be calling on you for this!

A good example is the project in Amsterdam-Noord where the paving stones of an 8,000 m2 square were lifted from the ground, cleaned, replaced and coated for lifespan extension, better drainage and dirt repellent.

Knowing that 8,000 m2 consists of 89,000 paving stones of 30 x 30 x 5 cm, we can calculate that this has saved no less than 941,000 kilos of raw materials, in addition to a reduction of 130 tons of CO2 emissions!

We have to start thinking! Because it is irreversible. So don't see it as a threat, but embrace it and turn it into a business model. Circulation and sustainability. Possibly together with NanoEnzo b.v.

To make the existing paving tiles described above more sustainable, we have applied a Stone coating that protects and preserves the tile for years (depending on circumstances) and ensures better drainage and dirt repellent.
The same thoughts can also be applied to new paving. Sustainability and protection on demand. And also applies to existing or new street furniture, existing or new lampposts, walls, quays, squares, sidewalks, and so on.

Our coatings have been developed for concrete, paving and masonry stones, natural stone, wood, plastic and more.

For all of this, a contract can also be concluded for an x-yearly check and monitoring the protective effect of the coating in order to extend sustainability and postpone the claim on new raw materials for many years. A win-win situation!

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