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The National Environmental Vision (NOVI) is a vision for the environmental policy of the Netherlands. It is a long-term vision that sets the course for the physical environment in the Netherlands in the coming decades. The NOVI focuses on integrating various policy areas, such as living, working, mobility, energy, nature and climate, to create a sustainable and livable environment.

The NOVI was drawn up by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in collaboration with other ministries, provinces, municipalities and social organizations. It is intended as a guideline for decisions in the field of spatial planning and provides direction for the development of the physical environment in the Netherlands.

The NOVI consists of a strategic vision and an implementation agenda. The strategic vision describes future developments in the field of the physical living environment in the Netherlands and the challenges that arise. The implementation agenda provides concrete actions and measures to realize this vision through integrated cooperation between Government, municipalities and specialist and innovative companies.

Do you know what needs to happen in your municipality or would you like to exchange ideas about this? NanoEnzo is happy to contribute to helping you as a government institution achieve your objectives. We can also help reduce your Environmental Cost Indicator (MKI)! We can achieve all this by providing applied materials with invisible and safe nano coatings to extend the lifespan of the applied materials and preventively protect them against negative external influences, which will also significantly reduce cleaning and maintenance.

Concrete, masonry blocks, paving stones, metal, wood, glass, plastic. All materials that are used in buildings, public spaces or your projects within municipalities. Materials that will last years longer when provided with nano coating, with the positive side effect that the demand for new and scarce raw materials decreases and the production of new building materials is postponed for many years. With the result; sparing the earth, cost savings and a huge CO2 reduction!

A good example is the project in Amsterdam-Noord where the paving stones of an 8,000 m2 square were lifted from the ground, cleaned, replaced and coated to extend their lifespan, improve drainage and dirt repellent.

Compared to replacing the paving stones, this saved no less than 130 tons of CO2 emissions!

Several public spaces and playground equipment in Amsterdam have now been provided with our coating and we are setting up the first projects in surrounding municipalities. Perhaps also worth considering for you, your project or (public space or real estate of) your municipality.

The application of nanocoatings can therefore contribute to a better quality of the living environment by providing long-term protection of materials against negative external influences, reducing CO2 emissions, and reducing maintenance and cleaning. Safe and environmentally friendly, because all our coatings are certified (including TÜV and REACH-Compliant).

Just some more advantages:

Preventively protecting and making materials used in public spaces and buildings highly sustainable (paving stones, natural stone, stone, concrete, glass, metal, wood, plastics and more)
With our preventive sustainability we reduce the demand for new (scarce) raw materials
The preventive protection of (cultural) heritage, to preserve it for future generations
Enables circular paving work (cleaning and coating paving stones and curbs for reuse), for a strong reduction in raw materials and CO2
Cost and CO2 reduction through less cleaning and maintenance
Coating applied materials ensures that the item remains aesthetically pleasing for longer
The use of bio-cleaning agents and environmentally friendly water-based (nano) coatings also helps to protect the environment
All our coatings are safe and firmly certified (including TÜV and REACH-Compliant)


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