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Anti-slip coating Rotterdam

Beautiful to see, the new stairs at a residential complex for seniors in Rotterdam, everyone agreed, especially the residents. But over time, a number of complaints were received via the VVE. The stairs would be slippery if they got wet. Something that does not improve safety. So time for action!

The new stairs are made of concrete, so very hard and difficult to work with. But NanoEnzo B.V. has been able to offer the solution in the form of an Anti-Slip coating. A coating that adheres excellently to concrete, is sustainably produced (water-based) and can be applied in varying degrees of roughness.

The coating gives a satin effect, is break-free, flexible and makes the stairs more sustainable by protecting it against polluting external influences.

But safety has been significantly increased and the complaints have been resolved. So mission accomplished for the residents, the healthcare institution and NanoEnzo B.V..

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