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Antislip Reigersbos

An Innovative Solution for Safe Paving in Amsterdam

In Reigerbos, one of the streets in Amsterdam, where new natural stones greatly improved the shopping center's environment, a challenge arose that threatened the safety of its visitors. On rainy days, the sidewalks turn into a slippery surface, with the new natural stones posing a risk of slips and falls. Cause? Algae die in the grooves of the stones, making them extremely slippery.

This problem worried the Municipality of Amsterdam, and they looked for a solution to make the streets safer. NanoEnzo offered an innovative approach. We believe that our comprehensive anti-slip coating could not only reduce the slipperiness, but also protect the natural stones from algae.

We conducted an experiment in close collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam. We made test surfaces with three different grain sizes of our anti-slip coating. These test surfaces are carefully observed over a period of time to test the effectiveness of our coating.

Our non-slip coating not only improves the smoothness of the natural stones, but also provides excellent protection against algae growth. This meant that not only were the sidewalks safer in rainy weather, but also that the stones themselves remained beautiful and free of unnecessary algae and dirt for longer.

This project illustrates our commitment to sustainability and safety. We are proud that we have a real challenge to tackle and solve with the Municipality of Amsterdam. As NanoEnzo we continue to strive for innovative solutions that make the world safer and more sustainable. Our collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam is an example of how we can jointly help keep their cities safe and accessible, regardless of the weather.

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