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Fouling or growth costs a lot of annoyance, but also speed, energy, maintenance, time on the quay or in the dock, and therefore money. All reasons to call NanoEnzo B.V. to invite an explanation on how to prevent this.

NanoEnzo B.V. has developed an extensive range of advanced nanocoatings (largely water-based), specifically designed to tackle this problem. Commercial shipping in particular benefits from this. Maintenance in dock can be reduced, up to a third of the current time that ships are forced to spend in dock.

A coating we use in shipping includes a two-component epoxy siloxanes hybrid coating for industrial applications. This coating is particularly suitable for protecting metal surfaces. After a short drying time, the protective coating is resistant to mechanical surface stress, resistant to varying temperatures, dirt-repellent and resistant to salts and all common solvents and chemicals.

But of course we also have (nano) coatings for the preventive protection of all types of plastic, glass, (Teak) wood and more. Or what about an Anti-Slip coating for the deck.

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