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Furniture and walls made of textile

Furniture and walls made of textile
Covering textiles and protecting furniture with our specially developed nano-coating is an effective way to improve durability and resistance to stains and dirt. Nano coatings are thin protective layers consisting of nanoparticles that adhere to the fibers of the textile. These particles form an invisible barrier that changes the surface properties of the textile.

Here are some benefits of using nano-coating on textile upholstery:

Stain resistance: Textile Nano-coating forms a protective layer on the textile, making it less likely for liquids and stains to penetrate. This allows spilled liquids to be easily wiped off without soaking into the textiles and causing stains.

Dirt-repellent: The textile nano-coating ensures that dirt and dust adhere less well to the textile. This keeps the surface clean for longer and makes it easier to clean.

Water-repellent: Textile Nano-coatings can make the textile water-repellent, causing water droplets to bead off the surface. This is especially useful for furniture that may come into contact with moisture, such as outdoor furniture or furniture in areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms.

Extended lifespan: By protecting the textile against stains and dirt, the lifespan of the upholstery can be extended. The coating can help prevent the textile from being damaged and keep it looking new for longer.

It is important to note that the textile nano-coatings are not completely impermeable and may show wear over time. It is advisable to make a plan together with NanoEnzo for the correct application and any maintenance instructions.

Applying nano coating to fabric upholstery can be a simple yet complex process and may require professional assistance, our team can help. Consult NanoEnzo in the field of textile nano-coatings for advice on the best approach for your specific furniture.

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