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Circulaire manier opgeknapt

Kompasweg: no new tiles but circular approach

July 7, 2023, 11:02 am

The sidewalks on Kompasweg have been renovated in a circular manner. More space has also been created for greenery. This has saved 50% CO2 and resulted in approximately 50% additional greening. A good start to a pilot project and collaborations.

The old tiles from the sidewalk were first removed. They were then cleaned and given a water-based nano coating as a protective layer. When making water-based nano-coating, the circular economy is put into practice.

Longer life span
It will take 20 years before the street needs maintenance again. After cleaning and applying the nano-coating protective layer, the tiles are expected to last three rounds of maintenance. So in total about 60 years. Reusing the old tiles also saves energy and material use.

New: flower mats
Stadswerk072 wanted to work 'nature inclusively' in this pilot project. The Kompasweg therefore received 50% extra greenery through the use of Urban Meadow wildflower mats. This is a new product. It is a mat that you can compare with turf. This mat is sown with a mixture of perennial wildflowers. What is special is that the flower mixture has already had its first growing season, which almost eliminates the chance of failure. An ideal solution for quickly and easily planting public greenery. The additional greenery enhances CO2 absorption, increases biodiversity and brings more nature into the living environment of residents.

Electrical tools
When carrying out the work, the pavers used electric tools as much as possible instead of traditional diesel machines. This not only made working more pleasant for the staff, it also meant less noise and odor nuisance for local residents.

Complete approach
The consequences of climate change are noticeable every day in our country. Stadswerk072 specializes in policy making and the management and maintenance of public space. She does this on behalf of the municipality. The aim is to ensure a green, clean and safe living environment, including on the Kompasweg.

To collaborate
Organizing our living environment differently and thus being prepared for the consequences of climate change requires us to work together and be responsible for this together. Important knowledge in the field of climate adaptation and sustainability was usefully combined in this project to achieve that goal. For example, the CO2 savings have been calculated together with the AMS Institute and TNO Delft. Contracting company Gebr. Van der Veekens carried out the work.

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