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Sidewalk tiles, the Netherlands is full of them. And the production of this enormous amount of tiles has cost a lot, financially, but also in terms of burden on the environment due to the enormous amount of CO2 that has been released. An image that will not be different if we were to replace all these tiles. An image that no longer fits in the current era of Circular thinking!

Time to join forces and come up with a solution!
NanoEnzo B.V., the developer and producer of our (nano) coatings, an engineering firm and the municipality of Amsterdam have now carried out a test by lifting some of the sidewalk tiles in Amsterdam Noord, cleaning them with Bio Cleaners, putting them back neatly and then treated with a durable nano coating (water-based) for preventive protection against polluting external influences.

Now we are collecting data on this project and validating all our calculations and assumptions. We also look at where calculations need to be adjusted, with the ultimate goal of obtaining the complete LCA (Life Cycle Analysis), with associated costs, so that clients and executives can make well-considered decisions where demand is concerned; renew or reuse.

One of our assumptions; "The paving slab will get a second life for another 30 to 40 years" (see link below) we will monitor for the next fifteen years.

Article: Reused street tiles in the fight against CO2 emissions

Artikel : Hergebruikte straattegels in strijd tegen CO2-uitstoot

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