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Amsterdam reuse pavement tiles from footpath

In close collaboration with BAM Infra, NanoEnzo has achieved a remarkable milestone towards a greener Netherlands! We have proudly given the cycle path an innovative transformation along the Nijenrodeweg. Our innovative approach included the renovation of the cycle path, where we carefully removed the paving stones from the footpath and repaved them. But that wasn't all. Our efforts went beyond traditional methods.

After carefully resurfacing the paving stones, we thoroughly cleaned everything using environmentally friendly steam and high-pressure technologies. This not only to make the tiles look like new again, but also to lay the foundation for the next phase of our sustainable project.

Our innovative nano-coating has revolutionized the way we think about paving. By treating each stone with our special coating, we create a surface that is resistant to the adhesion of moss, grime and dirt. This not only ensures a beautiful appearance, but also long-lasting functionality.

The advantages of this new approach are numerous:

CO2 emission reduction: By reusing existing materials and embracing innovative methods, we contribute to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Circular approach: Our project is built on principles of circularity, where we reuse materials and minimize waste.

Climate adaptation and sustainability: We adapt to changing climate conditions and contribute to sustainable development.

Reuse of raw materials: By reusing existing paving stones, we reduce the need for new raw materials.

Better drainage: Our carefully planned repaving contributes to improved drainage and contributes to a resilient infrastructure.

Reducing the ecological footprint: By embracing smart reuse practices, we significantly reduce the ecological footprint of our project.

Less construction waste: Our project generates significantly less construction waste, which positively contributes to the viability of our environment.

Together with BAM Infra, we are determined to embrace sustainable construction and create a more beautiful Netherlands for both current and future generations. Our innovative approach, combined with our technological innovations, forms the cornerstone of this inspiring project. Together we build a greener, more resilient future.


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